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Curriculum information

The school is firmly committed to the thematic approach, where curricular areas are integrated into a widely embracing theme. We believe that this method of  organising our curriculum provides the most relevance for our children and helps the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and skills. This also enables teachers to ensure that the National Literacy and Numeracy Frameworks are embedded in to planning across the curriculum.
However, in order to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, aspects of some subjects may be taught discretely. Each class teacher plans  major themes during the year and teachers and support staff closely liaise during the planning stage to ensure all aspects of the national and local curriculum are covered.

Where possible and suitable, first hand experiences are incorporated into school activities to enrich children's education. Educational visits, field studies, use of the local environment and special visitors are all seen as experiences to complement and enrich our school curriculum and are regularly incorporated into our classroom activities.
To support our stated policy and implement our principal school  aims,  we  seek  to  provide  a  broad  and  balanced curriculum which engenders confidence, self reliance and self  discipline  in  our  children  and  encourages  them  to develop lively and enquiring minds.
We will endeavour to encourage strengths within each child whilst giving real  support and help in weaker areas. The school also endeavours to develop a range of key skills across the curriculum to promote life long learning in pupils.
The school also ensures the provision of Curriculum Cymreig and regular and relevant activities to help develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the         cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales.

Creative arts are a strong feature of our school and the school is currently part of the Arts Council of Wales 'Lead Creative Schools' project. Music is also at the heart of the school and our KS2 pupils all have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their time at the school. 


Admission information 

Schools in Swansea offer all children a part-time Nursery place. Children are entitled to a place the term following their third birthday. However, at Talycopa Primary School, we aim to offer a place to children the day after their third birthday. The LA administer all school admissions in Swansea, however, for Nursery and mid-year admissions, the school is happy to forward your application to the LA on your behalf.  This allows us to keep well-planned for our Nursery intake. It also allows us to keep in touch with you about transition opportunities for your child. 

If you would like to arrange a visit to see our school, you are more than welcome! Please contact the office to arrange a suitable time.  We also hold a playgroup each Tuesday afternoon,  from 1:30-3pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to for you and your child to get to know the school and our staff. 


Estyn Reports

Estyn Reports information

Pupil Development Grant (PDG) 

Pupil Development Grant information

Talycopa Primary School PDG Statement
The Pupil Development Grant (PDG) is allocated to schools with pupils who come from low-income families and are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (e-FSM) and pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months (LAC). 
Schools are expected to make the best use of this funding to implement sustainable strategies that will quickly bring about changes for learners eligible for free school meals or who are LAC. 
As a school we haveagreed the following three steps: 
·        to identify the target group of pupils, its characteristics and needs
·        to plan interventions which make the most effective use of resources
·        to monitor and evaluate the impact of resources

In 2017-18 TalycopaPrimary School was provided with a PDG allocation of £24,150.  

At Talycopa Primary School we have a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by Swansea Local Authority and ERW, to promote progress and remove barriers to learning for students eligible for this funding.  
We have used the funding available to: 

1. Enhance teaching and learning by providing programmes of support, which include support staff to lead focus and intervention groups in literacy and numeracy.
2. A literacy learning coach to support more able pupils in attaining the higher levels expected at the end of key stage 2. 

Our detailed plan, which includes details in respect to how we are spending the grant, is available from the headteacher.


Our School Policies

The school has a wide range of policies and procedures which govern its safe and compliant operation. These are drawn from guidance and good practice established across Wales and the UK and reviewed on a periodic basis by the school and approved by the Governing Body. 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is at the heart of our school’s planning, policies, practice and ethos. As a rights-respecting school we not only teach about children’s rights but also model rights and respect in all relationships. All policies promote various articles from the URNCN. 

If you wish to read documents relating to the school,  they are held at school and are available to you. It would be appreciated if you would give the headteacher or the school secretary reasonable  notice if you wish to read one of them in order for a paper copy to be printed for you.  

Phone: 01792 793660
Heol Hafdy, Llansamlet,
Swansea SA7 9RZ
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